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    Booster Club for Catholic Schools
    For further information call Stacey Pelster - 503-992-0329

  • Fred Meyer Rewards Program ~ Sign up today. More info here.

  • eScrip Information ~ Monies raised through eScrip are split between St. Anthony's General Fund and the Booster Club.

    Click here
    for information on how to sign up for eScrip with your Safeway Card. Register your Safeway and credit cards (optional) and forget about it.

  • Download an Order Form
    We also sell the following. If you would like to order any of these, please add them to the bottom of your order form:

    Dutch Bros. $10/$25
    Bi-Mart $10/$25/$50
    Walmart $25/$50
    Cambell's Car Wash $4.50
    Hanks Thriftway $25/$50
    Cornelius 9 Cinema - Non-starred movies $6.50, Starred movies $7.50 (cannot be used for 3-D)

  • How Does the Scrip Program Work?
    Imagine being able to raise money spending no additional money than you already do at stores you already frequent. Scrip is one of the easiest ways to help St. Anthony’s Booster Club raise scholarship funds. Using the buying power of organizations that use the scrip program, the Booster Club buys gift certificates at a discount from retailers, restaurants and other stores and resells them at face value.

    Let me give you an example: Let's say I spend approximately $400.00 a month at Fred Meyers on groceries. This month, I instead purchase $400.00 worth of Fred Meyers gift certificates and use them in my normal grocery shopping. St. Anthony’s Booster Club earns $20.00!

    This is just one example of the many stores that participate in the Scrip program. Fred Meyer offers a 5% discount allowing St. A’s to make 5% profit from each gift card sold, but the profit percentage for other retailers runs from 2% to 30%!

    There are hundreds of businesses to choose from including Safeway, Fred Meyer, Eddie Bauer, Chevron, Red Robin, Starbucks, Dutch Bros., and many more.
  • When is my order form due?
    Order forms can be dropped off at the Scrip table after masses, or by Tuesday morning, 11am. For further information call Stacey Pelster 503-992-0329.

  • When will I receive my Scrip?
    Currently we are taking pre-orders, where if you submit your order by Tuesday of one week, you will receive it the next Sunday. It can be picked up after masses. If you need your order sooner, Stacey can usually get it filled by Thursday: please contact Stacey Pelster personally and she can expedite your order.
  • Who benefits from the Scrip Program?
    All proceeds from the sales of SCRIP will be put into the St. Anthony’s Booster Club Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund is set up to benefit any parishioners of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church who want to send their children to a Catholic school. The cost of Catholic education tuition often creates a financial burden that many families cannot afford. The St. Anthony’s Booster Club hopes that with the assistance of a scholarship, more families will be able to make Catholic faith-filled education a reality for their children.